Pricing and payment.

We always correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax. Technical terms will be verified. We might also do some re-phrasing to make the text easier to understand by improving the sentence structure and replacing repetitive or inappropriate words. Very long sentences might be broken into two or more; very short phrases might need to be padded to avoid ‘nursery English’ style.

Total cost
The final cost is based on word count (excluding reference section but including the legends).
All texts are priced in the same way, i.e., 0.02 euros per word.
We also offer translations from Spanish and Polish: all at the same price of 3.0 euro cents per word (30 euros per 1000 words).
If you prefer to pay in US dollars, the price per word will be converted to dollars according to the current exchange value.
Please let us know which is your currency of choice.

For html/php formats, additional 1-2 cents per word will be charged, depending on the edition level necessary.

Minimal fee
There is a minimal fee of 25 dollars or 20 euros. It means that if the total cost comes up to less than this sum, we'll ask you to pay it anyway. This is because all projects, large or small, require a certain amount of administrative work, i.e. sending emails, making up invoices, bookkeeping, etc.

We will give you a discount of 15% for editing articles longer than 10 000 words.
For much longer texts, the discount is negotiable: please contact us to discuss the price.


We will send your invoice via email: you can pay using credit card, PayPal or bank transfer - just by clicking on the Pay button in your email.
You do not need a PayPal account to do this!
If you prefer, you can also pay by direct bank transfer: please contact us for details.

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