How to apply: the process.

  • Email us, attaching your document (.doc, .txt or html format), at We’ll answer, within 24 - 48 hr, giving the service type recommended, completion date and the total cost.

  • After you confirm the order, the work will commence. Documents of up to 10000 words in length are usually ready within 2-10 working days - we'll give you the earliest date possible, depending on our current workload.

  • On completion, we send the corrected document – normally as Word file (.doc) with tracking option activated. This means that you can view the original version, corrections introduced in that version or the final version of the edited text, all in the same file. We also send you an invoice, with the details of the service and the total cost.

  • You pay using PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account; a credit card is sufficient) or by bank transfer.

We will send you your invoice via email: you can pay using credit card, PayPal or bank transfer - just by clicking on a button.


Address: Mendoza 11A, Gamiz-Fika, 48113 Spain